Sunday, March 06, 2011

Woooo Weeee

Well it has a been at least a week! That is fine with me (I think) :)

To get my juices flowing I am going to do this little ditty via Amy over at Creating Myself ( & she got it from a different blog!)

praying for: peace in my life/heart/mind (not such a small thing!)
wearing: jeans/converse/ls lavender shirt/ white&grey striped cardi
working on: uploading pictures from the tennis match & from my 30 Days of Lists
eating: nothing (but a iced grande caramel machiatto is sitting on the table!)
dreaming of: warm f*ck*** weather!
realizing: I should not have sort of written that word (hee hee)
impatiently waiting: to have a job I love & to be proud of who I am
anticipating: the Army Wives season premiere tonight!!!
loving: iced caramel machiatto's & good tv
stalking: etsy
feeling: mad @ the rain but excited that Target finally restocked a pair of tights I have been wanting forever! Yay!