Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Internet Land!

Boy am I tired! Thank goodness for extra shots of espresso in my coffee today! I was up late reading the night before last (330am!) & had to be up by 9ish to go to a family gathering of Tims. & then last night I fell asleep during the football game (hoping & wishing) I would sleep through the night. Nope! I woke up 3 hours later hot & thirsty & the dumb game was still on! So then I was awake until 1 am! & poor Tim could not fall asleep for 2 hours! He had to be to work by 9am. Poor fella!

Some good things happening:
I got these for Christmas! Yay!

They are the Moleskine monthly calenders! I saw on Amazon that they went up in price by 30 dollars! CRAZY! I am glad that Tim's parents got them when they did! I agree with some of the reviews... the first half of the calender is full of junk information but I plan to write shopping lists over them :) I love the idea of these so much! (I will write why & my mission in the next post, which will go up later on today.)

My dad & step mom stopped by New Jersey when they were driving back to Maine from North Carolina. It was so great seeing them! With the exception of my college graduation (& then only my dad came - that made me upset) they have never visited me where I have lived since high school (Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, & then here) So even though it was a short visit I was so glad to be seeing them!

I am sponsoring a blog this month! I will admit it is hard for me to 'describe myself' & to 'promote myself' mainly because I do not want to be 'tooting my own horn' :) SO please go on over to Kam's blog & see what this thing is all about! (note: on Kam... we because internet acquaintances when we were in the same art journal class & then we began twittering & all that & now we are penpals! Yay!)

My mom hired me to make necklace/bracelet sets for Christmas gifts. & boy was it a lot of work! But my mom paid well :) & going back to the 'tooting my own horn' thing - I was looking back at the pictures the other day & I am really proud of what I did! Here is a picture of the necklaces before wrapping them up.
My mom said that they got great reviews & that one of my aunts is sending me beads & buttons from the 1950's! First I will make her some jewelry from them & then I get to keep the rest! Oh Yay!

I write about this because since that order I did not want to make any jewelry until the new year so in a few days I will have a pretty rockin' Etsy update, which is perfect timing with the sponsorship!

Alrighty, I am off to run a few errands! I hope your day is going lovely! It has been 50 degrees here lately, which was nice & of course now it is freezing! Stay warm!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Here is a ReCap of the last week or two :) In no real order I guess.

Two major things happened with me & Tim (separately) :

A couple of weeks ago I was in Langhorne to meet a friend for lunch & then to meet a friend for a business thing & to go to the big JoAnn Craft there. In between the second meeting & going to the craft store I figured out that I dropped my debit card @ the diner when I got cash out to leave a tip. I went back to the diner, it was not there. I called for my balance ZERO DOLLARS! It was about 45-60 minutes in between all of this. So that means that the idiots who found my card spent all of my money in that little of time. So pissed off. Really depressing.

This week, Tim woke up, went downstairs to get his phone, came back upstairs & told me that the store had been broken into. Ridiculous! It happened at like 5am in the morning! Ugh. (we found out that the next day 2 other businesses about a mile down the road were also broken into!)

Tim's housemate & his friend who is a girl (but not girl friend) are terrible. I do not know how much longer I can be at his apartment. That just means less time for us to be spending together, because his work schedule it makes no sense for him to be driving to my house after working til 10. I do not know, we will talk about it & see what is best.

Yesterday/Last night the area got tons of snow - YAY! Tim shoveled out the car but the damn locks are frozen on it :( So Rob picked us up, dropped Tim off at work, I came over to their house so I could have quietness (Tim's housemate is home). My dad & step mom are on their way back to Maine from North Carolina so I will be seeing them in a couple of hours - YAY! That will be nice.

Oh... today would be a great day to craft & get the rest of my December Daily done ... OH WAIT! All of that stuff is in Tim's car! AH!

I was finishing up the handmade gifts yesterday & the needle on the sewing machine broke! All of my extra needles are in Trenton & of course by that time the weather was getting bad so I did not get to finish Tim's parents gifts :(

Pretty Crazy stuff right?

Here are some happyness things :)

Tim got me this necklace to match a ring I have. So pretty & Sparkly! It is pink sapphire & diamond!

& a Kindle! So excited! We have been talking about me getting one for awhile now. The main thing with not getting one was because I love the library & most fiction books I read only once. But it would be great for book series that I love & non fiction books! Yay!

He also gifted me an apron with oven mitt & a coffee press! What a great guy! I cannot believe it!

I gifted him a desk organizer, some Christmas boxers (I always get him themed undies), a swiss army knife (which has a funny story to that), & this coat:

He looks so good in it too! I should take a picture of him wearing it... oh wait my camera is locked in the car!!! :)

I guess things could be worse! I am really grateful for my boyfriend & for my family & for mostly good health :) I am not complaining about those things.

I have more to say but I will save that for later! I am going to make a list & schedule for the week & I will be back to share!

Stay Warm!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Icing Under My Nails :)

It is 230 am... I just got done making lots of Christmas treats to give friends :) I made Sugar Cookies (the soft kinds like @ Target/Wal Mart), Fudge, & these pretzel-rolo combo.

I will share pictures & write about what has been going on the past week (A LOT), later on today.

I really just want 2011 to get here already!

For now I leave you with a picture... Tim & I gave each other a 15 dollar limit on Christmas Stocking Stuffers ( It is my most favorite part) I was walking to the kitchen past the tree when I saw something peaking out... I got so excited! & since I was about to do my Christmas baking, he let me have them early. YAYYYYY! I seriously was bouncing up & down. I love them! (Last year Martha Stewart had a Snowflake turner but cannot find them anywhere!)

OMG! I looooove them! The back of the spatula has a measuring chart!

& here I am ready to get to work (forgive my nasty hair - haha!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Craft Fair

Karin was cutting paper snowflakes & one of the scraps ended up looking like a mustache! Fun! Helped pass time for sure!

Santa was at the fair too! He was outside trying to lure people in :)

My Display... For a few years now I had wanted to display via tea cups & plates. Of course when I started my Etsy, I was not the only one who thought of that. It bummed me out. So I took all of my ribbons & tape off the peg board at home & made it my display. It worked pretty well!

I found these cute Christmas tree center pieces @ Target on Sale! Perfect for selling Christmas earrings! (Note: I did not sell any of those earrings! Weird!)

My "Choose your own journal cover" Station.

Business Cards.

All Packed up & Ready to go!

This fair was more successful than the last fair I went to. It was also A LOT smaller! 14 tables total! In a FREEZING cold church! I was super tired. I slept 3 hours & Karin had not slept at all. I did make a profit, YAY! So that was nice. There were some interesting characters there. Overall it was fun & I am looking forward to more in the future. I definitely learned from the fair previous & I am glad I was able to improve on it. :) Now if only my Etsy shop would do well...

Thursday, December 09, 2010

I just had a phone conversation abruptly end... I am not sure if the other person purposely hung up on me or his phone died but it is weird & I am not sure how to react. I hope he is ok though. I am the type of person though who believes if you do not want to talk to me anymore just say so, we say bye & then things are good.

Can you guess where I am at? :) It is my scheduled night time @ the Bucks until the Fella gets out of work. Currently Josh Groban is singing. It is nice. I am cold (sitting by a window) so of course my cute hat & scarf are still on...

(I just remembered I never posted those pictures of what I am loving lately... I will add that to my list)

This is my list that I started on Tuesday - I think I am doing pretty good at it :)

This is my weekly calender. Things are being moved around a bit. I have been @ Tims & I brought stamps & stamp pads to make my Christmas cards... I bring everything out to make them & see that I have brown & turquoise ink (NOTE those are the color of my business. So I will have to wait until I go back to my house (tomorrow).

I am excited, I got the last spot in a craft fair this weekend! Which means ALL DAY tomorrow I will be busting out jewelry, journal covers, planners. (& if I have time maybe something else...) It will be crazy but it will be fun. I think I will do better at this venue (it is a Christmas fair & Santa will there!) I have some new set up ideas too!

I remember going to these fairs when I was a kid. So please Jesus let this be a good experience for me!

My mom also ordered 7 bracelet/necklace combos - they need to be mailed out by next Wednesday - I will be a busy jewelry making machine for sure!

Alrighty, I am off to pick up the Fella & then to put up the 'tree'. Wait until you see that! :)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

I'm Just Sayin....

I love all of these! So pretty & unique & vintage! (all found on )

Friday, December 03, 2010

Dear Kam,

Per Your Pen Pal Request :)

THE Cranberry Bliss Bar

I pair a Peppermint Chai with it - Delishishness! :)

P.S. This whole order was "On the House" Yay for a specific barista who is becoming a lovely friend :)

Bottom of the Basket...

is where I found my camera cord!!!

WTF?! More specifically it was at the bottom of my YARN basket... how? I have no idea!!! But at least I found it!

This means I have an Etsy update! You should go check it out because it has really cute earrings like these:

I also make reusable notebook covers... So please support me & support handmade!

Now off to bring the Fella dinner (yummy chicken fingers & fries that I made!) & then to my house to try to find my bed & do the Fella's laundry!

With Love,

Good & Tomorrow

Ok. Now for good things today:

*I made some delish chicken tortilla soup

*There was some good tv this week: One Tree Hill was so good! Dan Scott was back! & Kid Cudi was on! The Office was fuuuuunnny! & Private Practice was so good as well! (I mean SO good). & I still have a few other shows to catch up on.

*I cannot craft & watch new shows at the same time or I will not pay attention to the show & I keep having to rewind the show - Ha! So I have plenty of movies to watch while I craft.

*(Not so good) CSI is not on again until the middle of January! Same with House! & this season of Dexter is almost over. Sad day.

Looking forward to:
*Sweater dress tomorrow
*Peppermint mocha creamer in my coffee
*Uploading to Etsy
*Making naked chicken fingers & fries for dinner
*Wheel of Fortune on Wii
*Hugs from the Fella :)
*Peppermint Cookies via Elise

{{{I had a double mocha at 11pm... that is why this is being typed at 3 am! Bed now.}}}


Thursday, December 02, 2010

UnIntenionally UnPlugged

I was at the Fella's place most of last week, with out my phone charger and my phone battery made it up until Thanksgiving morning (Yay! But it still died). I was sure I packed it with my stuff to bring to the Fella's & I could not find it anywhere! I even looked under the seats of the car (that is where my library books end up!) So on Thanksgiving morning I drop the Fella off at work (YES he had to work!) & go back to my house & I cannot find my charger ANYWHERE at my house. So on the day of gathering I did not have a way for people to get a hold of me. I leave my house to pick up the Fella at work & realize that I left my dead phone at my house. Ah! When we get back to his place after dinner I find my charger in his room under his laptop case - Seriously?! But I did not have my phone so no phone being charged for this lady! I did go back to Trenton Friday & got my phone all nice & charged! Yay! I had like 10 texts & 5 missed calls. (most were from my mom freaking out about where I was - lol). I went almost 3 days with out a phone, it was .... interesting.

Today, I made a whole bunch of products for my Etsy shop ( & when I go to upload them all... I cannot find the cord to my camera! Oh. My.Goodness. I looked at my house (where I was at the time) & then I go to the Fella's place (where I photograph everything) & look for the cord - It's not here!!! So it must be at my house. Argh.

Other things that happened today: I woke up with an insane headache, lots of errands for the Fella, total craft mess at my house, weird throat thing, CCCCOOOOLLLLDDDD, debit card has a weird crease in it so it does not swipe correctly, the Starbucks down the road was out of apple juice (for caramel apple spice) & peppermint (for everything) today. (out of BOTH! crazy!) The barista's there know me so I did get free drink coupons out of it :)

Holy Blog Moly.

Be back tomorrow with pictures! For Sure! I am definitely going to buy extra cords to keep at the Fella's place!