Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Icing Under My Nails :)

It is 230 am... I just got done making lots of Christmas treats to give friends :) I made Sugar Cookies (the soft kinds like @ Target/Wal Mart), Fudge, & these pretzel-rolo combo.

I will share pictures & write about what has been going on the past week (A LOT), later on today.

I really just want 2011 to get here already!

For now I leave you with a picture... Tim & I gave each other a 15 dollar limit on Christmas Stocking Stuffers ( It is my most favorite part) I was walking to the kitchen past the tree when I saw something peaking out... I got so excited! & since I was about to do my Christmas baking, he let me have them early. YAYYYYY! I seriously was bouncing up & down. I love them! (Last year Martha Stewart had a Snowflake turner but cannot find them anywhere!)

OMG! I looooove them! The back of the spatula has a measuring chart!

& here I am ready to get to work (forgive my nasty hair - haha!)

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