Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Need To:

* go to the post office
* go to the gym
* clean edgewood
* apply for new jobs
* start a recycling program @ starbucks
* fill out insurance paperwork
* fight with u.e.
* take pictures of my jewelry
* figure love out
* save some money
* ride my bike
* go geocaching
* write a letter to the wootens
* forgive
* ask for forgiveness
* read more
* put away my clothes
* sleep more
* drink less coffee
* smile more
* make a decision
* make another decision
* figure out where i want to be

Damn that is a lot of stuff, good thing I have tomorrow off of work...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Oh. My Goodness.

Yesterday started off difficult. Very difficult
After dropping off 2 little boys at day care (1 of the boys screamed for 20 minutes outside of the class room) I went to Starbucks to get a Solo No Protein Chocolate smoothie. I saw that the manager there is the same as 2 years ago. That is cool. She is a really neat lady. I also so that one of the partners is a girl that had the same friends as me but her & I never really were close so I just avoided eye contact until my drink was ready.

I got ready & then went to the library I used to work at. It was so much fun being there! There was a huge remodel & a few staff changes. But still. I have pictures but they are on my camera which is upstairs.

After visiting the libraries I went over to see my lovely friend LiAnne & her son Felix. He is 2. I knew him when he was 4 months! He was so cute & flirted with me. We are going to get together later this week for a play date & I am going to bring Kael! That will be super fun.

I had to go to Target to pick up a few things & as I was turning a corner to see if there were Strawberry Fig Newtons, I gasped as I saw this:

I was on the phone with the Bearded Fella at the time & he said he would buy me something. What a sweet guy. He totally takes great care of me. I am so lucky. I got a shirt & a hat.

Before going to pick up the Smalls at daycare, I had to stop off at Sonic & get a treat to prepare myself for the evening.

I will not go into details about last night, but it was rough and I really need to work on how or if I am going to approach the parents about it.

In about 8 hours I will be leaving for this:
My Bearded Fella was able to get me & Brit some awesome tickets through one of his distributors ( & it came with a parking pass!) I am so excited! Thanks Love!

Ok, off to get the Smallest dressed & then we are going to Starbucks :) Yippee.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

These Things

praying for: my anxiety about the trip to CO
wearing: black shorts, floral tank, striped tank
working on: wish lists & to do lists
eating: nothing at the moment
dreaming of: visiting Florida soon!
realizing: I need to use my time better
impatiently waiting: to hug my dear friends in Colorado!
anticipating: a great day off with the fella
loving: the sun & cool breeze!
stalking: outdoorsy websites
feeling: good

Sunday, April 10, 2011



I bought this awesome bike:

It is a pink Schwinn Caliente! & I have an awesome helmet to go with it. Now if the weather would cooperate that would be super great.

I was telling a co worker how I cannot wait for warmer weather so that I can ride to work & he was like "really? you are going to ride to work? won't you be tired? our job is stressfull. are you sure you want to do that?" I was a bit taken back by all of this. I mean does he think I cannot handle it? I replied something along the lines "I biked nearly everyday in Colorado at a higher elevation, with hills, sometimes longer distances. This job is only stressful if you let it be ( to me my co workers are what stress me out ), That exercise releases endorphins & I always feel good after a work out"



This Thursday is Trenton Thunder season home opener! Tim & I are going! Yay! & it is Thirsty Thursday - Yay!

(taken last year @ a Thunder game on Thirsty Thursday!)


Chris is getting married in less than 2 months. I cannot even explain how I feel about this!


This time next month I will be in Colorado. It will be 2 months short of 2 years that I left Colorado to have a future with JRY. I think that is crazy. My time in NJ has been nothing that I expected. So many ups & downs. I will be in Colorado for mostly business but will try my best to fit some pleasure in. I am for sure going to a Rockies game with the lovely Britany! I. Cannot. Wait.

I wish I could stay in Colorado longer but I really cannot miss more work than that (especially the tips!)

( taken a week before I left Colorado @ a Rockies game)


Sassy aka Sasser Frassers aka Old Lady passed away :( I loved her so much. Super sad.

(taken when Tim & I drove to Maine last June *sigh*)


I really want to be a better blogger. There are a few bloggers out that that are totally making my days & are super cool & encourage me to be a better blogger!

To Name a Few:

Megan over at Sentimental Heart
Elise over at Elise Blaha
Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet
Jenna over at Eat,Live,Run
Michelle over at Oh, Mishka

I have more thoughts on number Six but for now I need to make some dinner & get to work! I will be back later - yay for pre closing on Sundays! Which means I am done at NINE! Woo Hoo!


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Woooo Weeee

Well it has a been at least a week! That is fine with me (I think) :)

To get my juices flowing I am going to do this little ditty via Amy over at Creating Myself ( & she got it from a different blog!)

praying for: peace in my life/heart/mind (not such a small thing!)
wearing: jeans/converse/ls lavender shirt/ white&grey striped cardi
working on: uploading pictures from the tennis match & from my 30 Days of Lists
eating: nothing (but a iced grande caramel machiatto is sitting on the table!)
dreaming of: warm f*ck*** weather!
realizing: I should not have sort of written that word (hee hee)
impatiently waiting: to have a job I love & to be proud of who I am
anticipating: the Army Wives season premiere tonight!!!
loving: iced caramel machiatto's & good tv
stalking: etsy
feeling: mad @ the rain but excited that Target finally restocked a pair of tights I have been wanting forever! Yay!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Katrina over @ Pics, Pages & Purls tagged me for the Stylish Blogger Award (that was nice of her!)

Katrina & I met at Camp Red Cloud in 2000- something... seesh I cannot remember, 2005 I think! :) And I like to think we have a special connection. I was with her when she met her husband, Rick, for the first time! Yay! So there is that :)

& Here are 7 things About Me:

1. I love to be outside - riding bikes, geocaching, hiking, snow shoeing - Love it all! I cannot wait for the warmer weather! So close!
2. As you know from my blog, I also love to dress up! I like how I am a little bit of outdoorsy & a little bit girly :)
3. I enjoy going to thrift stores.
4. My top 3 dream jobs: librarian, park ranger, working with at risk teens.
5. Everyday I miss my old jobs (UIH, Library), I miss Colorado, I miss the Wootens & the Barnes, I dream of moving from New Jersey - away from the memories.
6. Tomorrow I get to see my most favorite athlete EVER, Pete Sampras, & I am in shock that it is actually happening.
7. I want to have a mini Academy Awards party tonight :)


Thanks Katrina for thinking of me! I miss you!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wardrobe Challenge - Skirt 13

White Shirt - Target (I love their tissue t's), Black Dress - Old Navy, Blue Sweater - Old Navy, Black Boots - Target (via my Fella)

On Thursday I had an interview. It was not an interview for a job that I truly desire, or for a job that I got a degree in. But it is a job that I have experience in (albeit 8 years ago), it is a job that I can move up in, it is a job that offers awesome health insurance (even if you are part time!), it is a job that gives raises every 6 months.

Right after the interview I was offered the job. My first day is Tuesday. Horray!

I can either work part time & still collect unemployment & work on From Alaska With Love or I can work full time. I have until March to figure out which one I want to do.

I am lucky to be working with people I know, with people I have become good friends with, with people who have served me & know that I am a good person :)

I am lucky that I know people in other locations who have worked at this company & who have had good things to say about it.

I know it will be difficult at first because this job has nothing to do with my degree & at first the pay is going to be ok. But if I grow in the company that will take care of itself, if I promote my business more & expand what I make - that will help supplement my income.

The way I see it, if I enjoy my job, if I wake up & am glad to be going to my job then that is all that matters.

So I am just going to take it one day at a time.

*** This post is vague because I am waiting for a few people to return my calls - so that I can tell them more about this! AHEM - Britany! Call Me!!!! Love, You!***

Wardrobe Challenge - Skirt 12

Well Hello There :)

I hope you are all doing well & enjoying your weekend so far.

I wore this on Wednesday when the Fella & I 'celebrated' Valentines Day. I say celebrated in quotation marks because I do not really celebrate it. I like giving gifts (& getting gifts too - haha) but I have nothing against the day. I am not one who is soooo super in love with the day & I am not one who hates it & says things like "single awareness day" or "it is a glorified Hallmark holiday".

Anyway --- the outfit details! :)
Pink Sweater - F21Online (last year), White T- Target (clearance rack), Awesome Necklace (F21Store (just the other day), Pretty Skirt (Talbots via thrift store), Brown Boots - F21Online

I have to say I am SO tired of wearing boots! Yesterday when the weather was in the 60's I opened the windows in the Fellas room & took a nap. I am sure I should have enjoyed the weather while I could, but I knew it was going to get cold again & the back & forth weather gets me sick. As it was I had a headache A L L .F L I P P I N. D A Y. Terrible.

It hurt to work out too. The one time I am glad Bob & Jillian are not my personal trainers bc they would have yelled at me to work through the pain! Ohhhh by the way, I got a tweet from Bob last week! It was pretty awesome! He is so handsome :)

I went & stayed in Trenton last night & an hour or so before going to bed I took some liquid IB Profin & that finally knocked my headache out. Yay! It was my 4th dose that day. Ugh.

When I did leave the house yesterday I wore light layers & my converse low tops (I love them!) so that was nice. Today it is super windy (my windows were shaking all night!) so I am back to wearing my boots again. I cannot really complain it is still February. What did I expect?!