Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wardrobe Challenge - Skirt 12

Well Hello There :)

I hope you are all doing well & enjoying your weekend so far.

I wore this on Wednesday when the Fella & I 'celebrated' Valentines Day. I say celebrated in quotation marks because I do not really celebrate it. I like giving gifts (& getting gifts too - haha) but I have nothing against the day. I am not one who is soooo super in love with the day & I am not one who hates it & says things like "single awareness day" or "it is a glorified Hallmark holiday".

Anyway --- the outfit details! :)
Pink Sweater - F21Online (last year), White T- Target (clearance rack), Awesome Necklace (F21Store (just the other day), Pretty Skirt (Talbots via thrift store), Brown Boots - F21Online

I have to say I am SO tired of wearing boots! Yesterday when the weather was in the 60's I opened the windows in the Fellas room & took a nap. I am sure I should have enjoyed the weather while I could, but I knew it was going to get cold again & the back & forth weather gets me sick. As it was I had a headache A L L .F L I P P I N. D A Y. Terrible.

It hurt to work out too. The one time I am glad Bob & Jillian are not my personal trainers bc they would have yelled at me to work through the pain! Ohhhh by the way, I got a tweet from Bob last week! It was pretty awesome! He is so handsome :)

I went & stayed in Trenton last night & an hour or so before going to bed I took some liquid IB Profin & that finally knocked my headache out. Yay! It was my 4th dose that day. Ugh.

When I did leave the house yesterday I wore light layers & my converse low tops (I love them!) so that was nice. Today it is super windy (my windows were shaking all night!) so I am back to wearing my boots again. I cannot really complain it is still February. What did I expect?!

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