Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What Is In My Bag

I got this bag a couple of weeks ago & I love it! It is actually a Kelty Camp Carton but it is exactly what I was looking for (& I was looking for awhile) I use this bag as my carry-all bag.

When I go into stores I take out this little bag (it goes in my Kelty bag) it is a Coach bag that I found at a thrift store! Hey there! Love it. I hate lugging big bags everywhere so this is pretty great.

Ok now for the fun stuff (if you think it is fun)

Top L-R:
Moleskine blank journal, Moleskine monthly calender, Pen Pal stuff, FromAlaska stuff to be mailed
Bottom L-R:
Aveeno hand lotion, lock for gym locker, Ipod, Pencil pouch, Camera bag, Wallet, Magazine, Kindle holder (I made it!) with Kindle in it.

Pretty simple :)


Stony and Brit said...

I love your Kelty bag!

Ashley DeLen said...


I have stopped by from Katrina's blog! I wanted to say hello!! And I do so love seeing into the handbags of others!! It is amazing how many items end up in a bag. Have a wonderful weekend!!