Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh, Yeah ... I Went To Maine

Me & Jason (1 of 5 brothers)

Yummy Pulled Pork at a local brewery

My feet in the cool ocean water

Tim & I at the beach

Porcupine Islands

Sweet Sassy Dog

Silly Simon Dog

Dad, Meg, Me =)

Ahhh it's going to get me!

***It was a long drive to get to my dad's. The 9 hour trip took 12 hours. Lots of road work, especially once we got to Maine. Spend about 2 days at my dad's, then drove 2 hours to my mom's, ate dinner there, then drove 1 hour to Jackson and Kate's and spent about a day there. I was tired the whole trip but it was such a great trip. I got 2 really cute things at the thrift store there.***

What's Next?

The big question...

First, I clean and pack up to go to Pensacola, FL for a week. I CANNOT wait! I am going to see these wonderful people:

Charles, Andi, Andrew, Kaden. It has been a year and a half! I cannot believe that. These are amazing, wonderful, generous people.

Second, I keep on applying for jobs. I am not limiting my search to just New Jersey. I am applying for jobs all over the US. My thoughts on this are: I have moved for love (and myself) 2 times - this time I am moving for myself and myself only. If GOD gives me a job in New Jersey or Pennsylvania that is great, but I am not limiting myself to these areas. It is pretty exciting and I really hope that this prayer is answered. It is also pretty scary, being unemployed and all. I got my first rejection letter yesterday, from a YMCA in Connecticut. It was a job I was very qualified for, so I am not sure what I was missing.

Third, I will go through all of my stuff and get rid of what I do not need. Not having a incoming income will allow me to not spend so much on 'stuff'. Although I really do not buy a lot of 'stuff'. But it will help me buy less, that is for sure.

Those are the major things that I will be doing. Super. Duper.

The End (Is the Beginning?)


Yet the end of something else for me. I am sitting at my desk at UIH for the last time. (as I type that, tears filled my eyes).

I was unemployed for 2 months and so broke.
I found a job at Macy's. My boss was great. My co workers, not so much.
The application process to get my first position at UIH took 6 weeks!
The 1st time I applied for the position I have now, it was not even passed on to the hiring committee, even though someone at UIH asked for it.
The 2nd time this position was open, I did not want it. I was looking to get out of UIH.
Then I was offered the job and I took it (better money, better hours)
And. I. Loved. It.
I was good at it.
I got to work with the girls in a different way. A way that I saw was sticking with them.
I loved my job.

And now,
Evil has won and has closed UIH down. I am so pissed off. I am so sad.
If you are reading this, please pray for the soul of the one who was so determined to do this to UIH even though we passed inspection with a 98%! Her name is Summer. Pray for Summer.

UIH was an amazing opportunity for at risk teen girls who had babies. Who really had no where else (safe) to go. Sure they are ungrateful and manipulating and hard. But it was all worth it to make sure that their children were safe. Their sweet, innocent, beautiful children. Their children who I am now scared for.

Please pray for those babies: Raymond, Yaritza, Troy, Derreck, Ashton.

(takes a moment to collect myself).

Oh yes. Please pray for me too.

Thank You.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exciting Weekend!

Anxiously awaiting for a book signing...
It's him! Patrick McEnroe! I have always admired him.
Oh. My. Goodness. !
@ Trenton Thunder game, small stadium.
Yummy beer in a recycled cup!
Fire works night.
Geocaching Day 2 (#3) - You are Here
Tim found it!
Ooooh a stone.
Geocaching Day 2 (#4) It was a loooong walk but it was worth it when we saw a deer and its fawn!
It was amazing...
So was the view!
I found it! Haha.
What's inside?
The not fun part about cache #4... my legs look terrible!

Goings Ons

Karin & I @ her wedding!
MY desk in MY office! (although not for long, sad) (NOT because I am getting fired but bc the non profit is being shut down)
Mmm tea!
Mmmmmer Coffee!
A bike ride - FINALLY!
Tim's first bike ride in a while!
The bike!
Hahaha. Not my real glasses!
Tim's spare glasses & empty glass.
My real glasses & Dr Pepper! (very exciting)