Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Katrina over @ Pics, Pages & Purls tagged me for the Stylish Blogger Award (that was nice of her!)

Katrina & I met at Camp Red Cloud in 2000- something... seesh I cannot remember, 2005 I think! :) And I like to think we have a special connection. I was with her when she met her husband, Rick, for the first time! Yay! So there is that :)

& Here are 7 things About Me:

1. I love to be outside - riding bikes, geocaching, hiking, snow shoeing - Love it all! I cannot wait for the warmer weather! So close!
2. As you know from my blog, I also love to dress up! I like how I am a little bit of outdoorsy & a little bit girly :)
3. I enjoy going to thrift stores.
4. My top 3 dream jobs: librarian, park ranger, working with at risk teens.
5. Everyday I miss my old jobs (UIH, Library), I miss Colorado, I miss the Wootens & the Barnes, I dream of moving from New Jersey - away from the memories.
6. Tomorrow I get to see my most favorite athlete EVER, Pete Sampras, & I am in shock that it is actually happening.
7. I want to have a mini Academy Awards party tonight :)


Thanks Katrina for thinking of me! I miss you!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wardrobe Challenge - Skirt 13

White Shirt - Target (I love their tissue t's), Black Dress - Old Navy, Blue Sweater - Old Navy, Black Boots - Target (via my Fella)

On Thursday I had an interview. It was not an interview for a job that I truly desire, or for a job that I got a degree in. But it is a job that I have experience in (albeit 8 years ago), it is a job that I can move up in, it is a job that offers awesome health insurance (even if you are part time!), it is a job that gives raises every 6 months.

Right after the interview I was offered the job. My first day is Tuesday. Horray!

I can either work part time & still collect unemployment & work on From Alaska With Love or I can work full time. I have until March to figure out which one I want to do.

I am lucky to be working with people I know, with people I have become good friends with, with people who have served me & know that I am a good person :)

I am lucky that I know people in other locations who have worked at this company & who have had good things to say about it.

I know it will be difficult at first because this job has nothing to do with my degree & at first the pay is going to be ok. But if I grow in the company that will take care of itself, if I promote my business more & expand what I make - that will help supplement my income.

The way I see it, if I enjoy my job, if I wake up & am glad to be going to my job then that is all that matters.

So I am just going to take it one day at a time.

*** This post is vague because I am waiting for a few people to return my calls - so that I can tell them more about this! AHEM - Britany! Call Me!!!! Love, You!***

Wardrobe Challenge - Skirt 12

Well Hello There :)

I hope you are all doing well & enjoying your weekend so far.

I wore this on Wednesday when the Fella & I 'celebrated' Valentines Day. I say celebrated in quotation marks because I do not really celebrate it. I like giving gifts (& getting gifts too - haha) but I have nothing against the day. I am not one who is soooo super in love with the day & I am not one who hates it & says things like "single awareness day" or "it is a glorified Hallmark holiday".

Anyway --- the outfit details! :)
Pink Sweater - F21Online (last year), White T- Target (clearance rack), Awesome Necklace (F21Store (just the other day), Pretty Skirt (Talbots via thrift store), Brown Boots - F21Online

I have to say I am SO tired of wearing boots! Yesterday when the weather was in the 60's I opened the windows in the Fellas room & took a nap. I am sure I should have enjoyed the weather while I could, but I knew it was going to get cold again & the back & forth weather gets me sick. As it was I had a headache A L L .F L I P P I N. D A Y. Terrible.

It hurt to work out too. The one time I am glad Bob & Jillian are not my personal trainers bc they would have yelled at me to work through the pain! Ohhhh by the way, I got a tweet from Bob last week! It was pretty awesome! He is so handsome :)

I went & stayed in Trenton last night & an hour or so before going to bed I took some liquid IB Profin & that finally knocked my headache out. Yay! It was my 4th dose that day. Ugh.

When I did leave the house yesterday I wore light layers & my converse low tops (I love them!) so that was nice. Today it is super windy (my windows were shaking all night!) so I am back to wearing my boots again. I cannot really complain it is still February. What did I expect?!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Currently sitting at the 'Bucks until the fella is off work ( 49 more minutes!) He had to work super late last night & go into work early - thank goodness today is his Friday.

So, I thought my Valentines gift were the tickets to the tennis match but the fella had something else up his sleeve:

A New Phone! Can you believe it? I am cracking up in my head bc first I got my netbook (I paid him back), then I got the DS last Valentines Day, then I got the Kindle for Christmas, & now I have the phone - can you tell my fella is a tech-o? :)

He also ordered me this pretty purple case for it (GO ROCKIES!)

I am still getting used to it but it is pretty darn fun! :)

I have not worn skirts in a few days - too cold or I just go back home after dropping Tim at work. Tomorrow is the day the fella & I will festivize today - so I will wear a skirt tomorrow. A really pretty one too! I need to iron it though.

I have 2 interviews this week - Thursday & Friday.

I really need to catch up on sewing stuff. I just really do not like being at my house in Trenton. Boo. I know that is a mind over matter type of thing. It is just not home for me. I want to be somewhere else.

2 weeks from today is the tennis match - YIPPEE!

I do not know what we are going to have for dinner. I will have the fella decide.

Ramble. Ramble. Ramble.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Make it Look Good :)

So now that I have an Etsy shop & that I want to work for myself at least part time I am interested in using my blog as a means for my products.

It is not that I am bad at html & all of that it is just simply that I do not know where to start!

I am so excited that Justine @ A New Beginning is giving away a chance for her help with a blog! I would love a better blog look! :) & I think that it would be a great addition to getting my business noticed :)

I hope the Random Number Generator picks me!!!

What Is In My Bag

I got this bag a couple of weeks ago & I love it! It is actually a Kelty Camp Carton but it is exactly what I was looking for (& I was looking for awhile) I use this bag as my carry-all bag.

When I go into stores I take out this little bag (it goes in my Kelty bag) it is a Coach bag that I found at a thrift store! Hey there! Love it. I hate lugging big bags everywhere so this is pretty great.

Ok now for the fun stuff (if you think it is fun)

Top L-R:
Moleskine blank journal, Moleskine monthly calender, Pen Pal stuff, FromAlaska stuff to be mailed
Bottom L-R:
Aveeno hand lotion, lock for gym locker, Ipod, Pencil pouch, Camera bag, Wallet, Magazine, Kindle holder (I made it!) with Kindle in it.

Pretty simple :)

Wardrobe Challenge - Skirt 11

Ok so this is a dress but it still counts :)

I love this dress.

I got this dress from Old Navy the end of the summer. It is so comfy & cute. Oh & it was 4 dollars! Heck yes! I love layering it.

Sweater - F21Online, Dress - OldNavy, LS Pink Shirt - Target via Goodwill (it was brand new! & get this it is a XS maternity shirt* -so funny!), Boots - Target via the Fella :), Tights - Target

Monday night is Friday for the Fella (he has off Tue,Wed) So we went to Triumph in Princeton. So much fun :)

The Fella treated me to a Pomegranate Martini

It tasted like candy - yum!

The Fella got a sampler. Also yummy :)

*no I am not pregnant

Monday, February 07, 2011

It Is For Real People! :)

*this is a reenactment*
We got our tickets to the tennis match!!! Ohhhh you probably do not know what I am talking about...

Back in October (a few days before my birthday) I saw a commercial for this:

I dug my nails into the fellas arm & said "I MUST go to that"
I mean, there was no way that I would not be going. It is a 45 minute train ride. The train goes directly to Madison Square Garden.

Pete Sampras is my tennis hero. He is so amazing & I love him :) (sorry bearded fella, it is true)

So now I just wait another 21 days... *sigh*

Here is a funny outtake of the pictures the fella took (he is not very good with the camera...)
LOL. This is so funny!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Stocking Up

Apparently there was supposed to be this massive 2 day wintry mix ice storm happening here in NJ.

Just in case it actually did get bad , the Fella & I got some stuff to 'hold us over' (we had plenty of stuff to make it through) but we got some treats anyway:

Also, I do not think us NJians were too worried because there was plenty of milk...

This was the sky on the way to PA a few days ago - super pretty!

Wardrobe Challege - Skirt 10

I really liked my outfit this day. I was super warm & I felt super cute :)

Sweater -F21Store, LS Black Shirt- Target, Necklace - From the Fella

Skirt - AE Clearance (apparently a lot of people have this skirt - AH!), Leggings - F21Store (this leggings are so flipping comfortable & warm!), Boots - Target via the Fella :)

The Fella wanted to make an appearance :)