Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The End (Is the Beginning?)


Yet the end of something else for me. I am sitting at my desk at UIH for the last time. (as I type that, tears filled my eyes).

I was unemployed for 2 months and so broke.
I found a job at Macy's. My boss was great. My co workers, not so much.
The application process to get my first position at UIH took 6 weeks!
The 1st time I applied for the position I have now, it was not even passed on to the hiring committee, even though someone at UIH asked for it.
The 2nd time this position was open, I did not want it. I was looking to get out of UIH.
Then I was offered the job and I took it (better money, better hours)
And. I. Loved. It.
I was good at it.
I got to work with the girls in a different way. A way that I saw was sticking with them.
I loved my job.

And now,
Evil has won and has closed UIH down. I am so pissed off. I am so sad.
If you are reading this, please pray for the soul of the one who was so determined to do this to UIH even though we passed inspection with a 98%! Her name is Summer. Pray for Summer.

UIH was an amazing opportunity for at risk teen girls who had babies. Who really had no where else (safe) to go. Sure they are ungrateful and manipulating and hard. But it was all worth it to make sure that their children were safe. Their sweet, innocent, beautiful children. Their children who I am now scared for.

Please pray for those babies: Raymond, Yaritza, Troy, Derreck, Ashton.

(takes a moment to collect myself).

Oh yes. Please pray for me too.

Thank You.

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