Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh, Yeah ... I Went To Maine

Me & Jason (1 of 5 brothers)

Yummy Pulled Pork at a local brewery

My feet in the cool ocean water

Tim & I at the beach

Porcupine Islands

Sweet Sassy Dog

Silly Simon Dog

Dad, Meg, Me =)

Ahhh it's going to get me!

***It was a long drive to get to my dad's. The 9 hour trip took 12 hours. Lots of road work, especially once we got to Maine. Spend about 2 days at my dad's, then drove 2 hours to my mom's, ate dinner there, then drove 1 hour to Jackson and Kate's and spent about a day there. I was tired the whole trip but it was such a great trip. I got 2 really cute things at the thrift store there.***

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