Thursday, December 09, 2010

I just had a phone conversation abruptly end... I am not sure if the other person purposely hung up on me or his phone died but it is weird & I am not sure how to react. I hope he is ok though. I am the type of person though who believes if you do not want to talk to me anymore just say so, we say bye & then things are good.

Can you guess where I am at? :) It is my scheduled night time @ the Bucks until the Fella gets out of work. Currently Josh Groban is singing. It is nice. I am cold (sitting by a window) so of course my cute hat & scarf are still on...

(I just remembered I never posted those pictures of what I am loving lately... I will add that to my list)

This is my list that I started on Tuesday - I think I am doing pretty good at it :)

This is my weekly calender. Things are being moved around a bit. I have been @ Tims & I brought stamps & stamp pads to make my Christmas cards... I bring everything out to make them & see that I have brown & turquoise ink (NOTE those are the color of my business. So I will have to wait until I go back to my house (tomorrow).

I am excited, I got the last spot in a craft fair this weekend! Which means ALL DAY tomorrow I will be busting out jewelry, journal covers, planners. (& if I have time maybe something else...) It will be crazy but it will be fun. I think I will do better at this venue (it is a Christmas fair & Santa will there!) I have some new set up ideas too!

I remember going to these fairs when I was a kid. So please Jesus let this be a good experience for me!

My mom also ordered 7 bracelet/necklace combos - they need to be mailed out by next Wednesday - I will be a busy jewelry making machine for sure!

Alrighty, I am off to pick up the Fella & then to put up the 'tree'. Wait until you see that! :)

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