Monday, December 27, 2010

Here is a ReCap of the last week or two :) In no real order I guess.

Two major things happened with me & Tim (separately) :

A couple of weeks ago I was in Langhorne to meet a friend for lunch & then to meet a friend for a business thing & to go to the big JoAnn Craft there. In between the second meeting & going to the craft store I figured out that I dropped my debit card @ the diner when I got cash out to leave a tip. I went back to the diner, it was not there. I called for my balance ZERO DOLLARS! It was about 45-60 minutes in between all of this. So that means that the idiots who found my card spent all of my money in that little of time. So pissed off. Really depressing.

This week, Tim woke up, went downstairs to get his phone, came back upstairs & told me that the store had been broken into. Ridiculous! It happened at like 5am in the morning! Ugh. (we found out that the next day 2 other businesses about a mile down the road were also broken into!)

Tim's housemate & his friend who is a girl (but not girl friend) are terrible. I do not know how much longer I can be at his apartment. That just means less time for us to be spending together, because his work schedule it makes no sense for him to be driving to my house after working til 10. I do not know, we will talk about it & see what is best.

Yesterday/Last night the area got tons of snow - YAY! Tim shoveled out the car but the damn locks are frozen on it :( So Rob picked us up, dropped Tim off at work, I came over to their house so I could have quietness (Tim's housemate is home). My dad & step mom are on their way back to Maine from North Carolina so I will be seeing them in a couple of hours - YAY! That will be nice.

Oh... today would be a great day to craft & get the rest of my December Daily done ... OH WAIT! All of that stuff is in Tim's car! AH!

I was finishing up the handmade gifts yesterday & the needle on the sewing machine broke! All of my extra needles are in Trenton & of course by that time the weather was getting bad so I did not get to finish Tim's parents gifts :(

Pretty Crazy stuff right?

Here are some happyness things :)

Tim got me this necklace to match a ring I have. So pretty & Sparkly! It is pink sapphire & diamond!

& a Kindle! So excited! We have been talking about me getting one for awhile now. The main thing with not getting one was because I love the library & most fiction books I read only once. But it would be great for book series that I love & non fiction books! Yay!

He also gifted me an apron with oven mitt & a coffee press! What a great guy! I cannot believe it!

I gifted him a desk organizer, some Christmas boxers (I always get him themed undies), a swiss army knife (which has a funny story to that), & this coat:

He looks so good in it too! I should take a picture of him wearing it... oh wait my camera is locked in the car!!! :)

I guess things could be worse! I am really grateful for my boyfriend & for my family & for mostly good health :) I am not complaining about those things.

I have more to say but I will save that for later! I am going to make a list & schedule for the week & I will be back to share!

Stay Warm!


Campfire Chic said...

Awesome jacket! Boyfriend got a similar one from Northface and I got a white one (no fleece) from Northface as well :) We will be stylin' the next time we're in Seattle *swoon*

Stony and Brit said...

Awesome gifts! Sounds like a good Christmas. =)