Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Craft Fair

Karin was cutting paper snowflakes & one of the scraps ended up looking like a mustache! Fun! Helped pass time for sure!

Santa was at the fair too! He was outside trying to lure people in :)

My Display... For a few years now I had wanted to display via tea cups & plates. Of course when I started my Etsy, I was not the only one who thought of that. It bummed me out. So I took all of my ribbons & tape off the peg board at home & made it my display. It worked pretty well!

I found these cute Christmas tree center pieces @ Target on Sale! Perfect for selling Christmas earrings! (Note: I did not sell any of those earrings! Weird!)

My "Choose your own journal cover" Station.

Business Cards.

All Packed up & Ready to go!

This fair was more successful than the last fair I went to. It was also A LOT smaller! 14 tables total! In a FREEZING cold church! I was super tired. I slept 3 hours & Karin had not slept at all. I did make a profit, YAY! So that was nice. There were some interesting characters there. Overall it was fun & I am looking forward to more in the future. I definitely learned from the fair previous & I am glad I was able to improve on it. :) Now if only my Etsy shop would do well...

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