Thursday, December 02, 2010

UnIntenionally UnPlugged

I was at the Fella's place most of last week, with out my phone charger and my phone battery made it up until Thanksgiving morning (Yay! But it still died). I was sure I packed it with my stuff to bring to the Fella's & I could not find it anywhere! I even looked under the seats of the car (that is where my library books end up!) So on Thanksgiving morning I drop the Fella off at work (YES he had to work!) & go back to my house & I cannot find my charger ANYWHERE at my house. So on the day of gathering I did not have a way for people to get a hold of me. I leave my house to pick up the Fella at work & realize that I left my dead phone at my house. Ah! When we get back to his place after dinner I find my charger in his room under his laptop case - Seriously?! But I did not have my phone so no phone being charged for this lady! I did go back to Trenton Friday & got my phone all nice & charged! Yay! I had like 10 texts & 5 missed calls. (most were from my mom freaking out about where I was - lol). I went almost 3 days with out a phone, it was .... interesting.

Today, I made a whole bunch of products for my Etsy shop ( & when I go to upload them all... I cannot find the cord to my camera! Oh. My.Goodness. I looked at my house (where I was at the time) & then I go to the Fella's place (where I photograph everything) & look for the cord - It's not here!!! So it must be at my house. Argh.

Other things that happened today: I woke up with an insane headache, lots of errands for the Fella, total craft mess at my house, weird throat thing, CCCCOOOOLLLLDDDD, debit card has a weird crease in it so it does not swipe correctly, the Starbucks down the road was out of apple juice (for caramel apple spice) & peppermint (for everything) today. (out of BOTH! crazy!) The barista's there know me so I did get free drink coupons out of it :)

Holy Blog Moly.

Be back tomorrow with pictures! For Sure! I am definitely going to buy extra cords to keep at the Fella's place!

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