Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Risky Saturday... (Not to be confused with a Risque Saturday - hahahaha)

{ @ Barnes & Noble 11/27/10}

Hellooooo Readers!!! - if there are any out there ;o)

I am at the B&N on a Saturday night! (I know I am crazy) Well I have my own little table that is full of paper goods & pens & electronics , so I think I am going to be fine :)

Somehow I have been busy... I really have NO idea how. I mean I do not have a job for crying out loud, so how the heck fire can I have been so busy? I have been @ Karin's more than a few times. I bring Tim his meals to work. Last week I helped out a little at his work. I run to the bank for him during the week. I have been doing some crafty stuff but not enough to say that it has kept me busy. So weird!

Anyway, I know I will be busy until Christmas time since I am going to have a handmade Christmas! I am excited about it. Unlike a lot of others who say they are having a handmade Christmas (they mean they are buying handmade) but I truly mean that I am going to be hand making 90% of my gifts! I have the list all written out I just need a few more supplies & then I should be all set. So excited! (Wait I already said that!) Hee hee.

I hope to get everything done on my 'To Do' lists this month. I think that with the whole mailing packages thing that it will help me be fastidious in my accomplishing my To Do's. So that is something to look forward to.

Also, maybe one day again I will get a job. Or my business will be successful. Only one PERSON knows - so until I find a job that pays more than 50 dollars over my unemployment, I will keep doing what I am doing & I will keep looking for the job I would be happy at.

Tim has been so supportive & amazing this whole time. Sometimes I just look at him for awhile (creepy I know) & think to myself 'I am really lucky - he is a great guy' & then of course that scares the bejeezus out of me! There are so many instances of how good he takes care of me! TWO in the past week! Wow.

I will share this , it happened a month or so ago. We were at the grocery store & I found these yummy cranberry bagels & he said he would buy them for me. I cannot remember what I said but his reply was "I wish there were more people like you" I mean HELLO! How incredibly sweet! & at the grocery store!

I will be back later with pictures of what I have been loving lately. I cannot wait to share!

Thanks For Reading!