Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Trip to Maine

Eeek! It has been over a week since I blogged!

I went to Maine to house sit for my dad and step mom. Originally my dad was supposed to be out of the house but some of the projects he was working on were delayed so he was at the house with me most of the time. Which is fine with me because my dad is awesome.

If you want to talk about a true hero, he is it! He is in the Coast Guard, he was an EMT, he is the Fire Chief! I am so proud of my dad. I love him super duper much!

The second half of my trip was not the greatest. But whatever. I was on a high from my previous to Maine & I see the error of my ways :) I will not go into details but I plan on having much shorter trips to Maine from now on! :)

While I was there I did get to see my brother Jason & his partner Adam. It was so great to see them & spend time with them! Jason & I are a lot a like I think & we have the same thoughts about life, so it was a good time talking with him.

I planned to work on knitting, jewelry, journals, personal journals while I was there but that definitely did not work out that way. :( the first two days I was there I had a headache! Then I spent a day with Jason & then I just had little motivation. Bummer! I did work on my jewelry though, so yay me :)

I also thought I would blog almost every day but there was not much I thought would be blog worthy.

Mostly I spent time with these critters:

The wonderful old lady, Sassy - or as I call her Sasser Frassers :)

Staring Contest with Simon, the funniest dog ever!

Animal Love, that is Simon (dog), Shalom (calico cat), Sophie (siamese cat)

Shalom - this one will push anything off your lap so that she can sit on it, so cute & fluffy.

Sophie, a couple of weeks ago she did not like me at all. Last week was a whole different story! She took my earrings off the side table & hid one of them on me! (I found it under the couch)

My parents animals are great company & I am especially going to miss Sasser Frassers! *sniffle sniffle*

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Emme said...

looks like a fun trip withbeautiful animals