Friday, December 03, 2010

Good & Tomorrow

Ok. Now for good things today:

*I made some delish chicken tortilla soup

*There was some good tv this week: One Tree Hill was so good! Dan Scott was back! & Kid Cudi was on! The Office was fuuuuunnny! & Private Practice was so good as well! (I mean SO good). & I still have a few other shows to catch up on.

*I cannot craft & watch new shows at the same time or I will not pay attention to the show & I keep having to rewind the show - Ha! So I have plenty of movies to watch while I craft.

*(Not so good) CSI is not on again until the middle of January! Same with House! & this season of Dexter is almost over. Sad day.

Looking forward to:
*Sweater dress tomorrow
*Peppermint mocha creamer in my coffee
*Uploading to Etsy
*Making naked chicken fingers & fries for dinner
*Wheel of Fortune on Wii
*Hugs from the Fella :)
*Peppermint Cookies via Elise

{{{I had a double mocha at 11pm... that is why this is being typed at 3 am! Bed now.}}}


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