Friday, May 07, 2010

What I Have Been Up To...

No matter the weather I will eat this soup from Panera...

and... Panera for breakfast, ha!

typical Sunday breakfast : Starbucks, Cramers Bakery, newspaper.

Brewery tour.


A delicious espresso martini!

Me & Tim.

New Hair & a New Ice Cream Place.

Captain Crunch Frappucino!

Martha Stewart & Wegmans Cafe.

Uh, More soft serve. Haha.

Homemade Pancakes!

With Chocolate Chips!

Tim Getting in the way (as usual in the kitchen)

Oila! (Turkey Bacon!) My plate is on the left - notice the amounts of Turkey Bacon. =)


fragrantrose said...

Turkey bacon is the best! And the captain crunch frap looks amazing... and the soup, too! Mmm...

janel. said...

Don't forget to head over to my blog and snatch up the Blog Button for accepting the journal challenge!!