Monday, August 30, 2010

Peter Cottentail

I really should blog more :)

I do have a lot of thoughts going through my head so it for sure is a good outlet , plus it keeps a couple of friends in the loop.

I am still with out work :( It is discouraging. I keep applying to YMCA and I keep getting letters from them that say NO. *sigh* I applied for unemployment & while it has been a pretty smooth process. It is just a long process. I will finally be able to get it in a week.

Money is dumb.

I do kind of have a job... I will be cleaning the house I live in & that will help me pay the rent. I am actually excited about this. First, it will give me something to do. Second, I have my purple cleaning gloves :) Third, it will help pay the rent.

I am also making jewelry to sell at a local fair in October. The results from that will help me figure out if I could keep doing that. My main thing with that is now, everyone is selling jewelry & even though I just make what I feel & what I think looks good together, it is disheartening that others do it too & that it may look like others. I just need to have faith & do what I believe in.

Tim's mom keeps asking me about the job search. She is pretty obvious that she thinks I should be doing something with my days. Uh hello! I know this. I have been doing things. It is not my fault that I am unemployed right now. I am trying to find a job. I do not want to settle and be miserable. It is pretty upsetting talking with her sometimes. I do not want to be made to feel like a failure. Sure I have not done great at some things, but career wise I think I have actually done good for myself. Sure, I cannot find a job in the field I studied, but really a lot of people are in that situation.


Chris moved. He was supposed to call me on his 18 hour drive to GA. He did not. We have not talked for a few weeks. Maybe this is the end of our friendship? It is so weird & uncertain.

I want to get a bunny.

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