Monday, August 30, 2010

Rockies-Mets game!

Ticket to Ride!
Ahh! Arthur Ashe Stadium!
Citi Field
Citi Field
the guy in black = Chris Iannetta!
Waiting to get a Glimpse of the Rockies...
(Sooo I wanted to wait around to see the guys... we walked around the stadium and came to sit on a bench, with an eye on the look out... after 30 minutes we get up & see what is around the corner.... THE FLIPPIN ROCKIES BUS! Ahhh! Just as we are walking around the corner (parking lot) One bus is leaving WTF?! This WHOLE time we were 2 seconds away?! :( I saw a few Rockies fans waiting so I scooted on over, hoping to get a glimpse of the guys (read: Chris Iannetta) just to realize that he was one the first bus :( But then...
Ubaldo! OMG. Sure he has an attitude but he is a hell of a good pitcher. I got his autograph! I could not believe it! It was so exciting!
Poor Dog.
Tim enjoying a treat @ B&N
Me enjoying a treat @ B&N
It was such a fun B&N! 2 floors - HUGE floors. The cafe tables said that there was a 15 minute limit to sit, haha. Next to the B&N was a Sephora and a H&M!!! Exciting! I love the City!
Tim & I met Neil & Amber for dinner here. It was yummy! The light inside was terrible so no pictures were taken.

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