Friday, October 08, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 18

{ my office @ UIH}

Plans & Dreams I Have...
To me these are 2 different things entirely

Plans are things I do on a day to day basis - Dreams are things I hope to do/aspire to/accomplish

My Plans for Today (Friday the 8th of October)
* Work Out * Mail out 2 Happy Mail Packages *Knit Something! *Work on My Mini Book *Read for at Least an Hour *Apply to 5 Jobs

My Dreams for Life
*Get Out of Freakin Debt! *Have a Kick Ass Career - is it in a library? is it for myself? is it with at risk teens? is it at my own coffee shop? *Let Go of my Freakin Past! - I am still hurt by J & by myself *Have Season Tickets to the Rockies *Meet Pete Sampras *Become Minimalist

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