Saturday, October 09, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 19

What are My Nicknames & What Do They Mean?

"Alaska" - Oh this is a long story... ok here goes...
I moved from Valdez, Alaska to Wiscasset, Maine to live with my mom and step dad my sophomore year in high school. I decided to try out for soccer (ha!) so there was also about 4 other girls named Jen(n) & another new girl named Hanne (who was from Norway & a REALLY good soccer player) I was the only new girl named Jen(n) however it was confusing with all of the Jen(n)s and for some reason the other players could not remember which one of the new girls was from Norway & which one was from Alaska, a player just pointed at me & said "Alaska" , I said "Yes", & it has stuck ever since. All of my friends from high school, college still call me "Alaska"

I got this when I worked Outdoor Education at Camp RedCloud. There was this song we sang that went along with a "historic story" & I guess I was really into it & sang it really loud, or shouted it really loud. Then a few nights later during staff training we were doing the Astronomy lesson when the director of OE at the time suggested I be called Muzzah for my camp name. Tada! I am pretty proud of this name. Lol. Although it is a rare occasion that I am called this anymore, it is still pretty fun.

"Pretty Lady"
:) This is what Tim calls me. I started calling him "Bearded Fella" awhile ago & so I guess he needed something to call me. Haha. I actually told him tonight that we rarely call each other our actual names anymore. In fact he sent me an email today & it began with "Pretty Lady". He calls me this when other people are around too & that makes me feel special :)

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