Saturday, September 04, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 4

A Habit I Wish I Did Not Have

Ha! Where do start?! Ok, not really.

Uhm... I wish I could leave the past in the past. Currently I am MAJORLY struggling with this with 3 things:
1. John - this whole year has been super hard because the memories are so fresh. This weekend is really hard. This time last year we went to the beach for the last time, it was the last time I saw him, it was the time he began to put up a wall and let what he was struggling with win over how great we were. (oh the tears!)
2. Chris - the move he just made, the way things have changed the past 3 months, it really does feel like a breakup, and I cannot handle that right now.
3. UIH - I am still angry about UIH being closed down. I have said it at least 3 times, but I loved my new job & the job that I really want I cannot seem to get. There was no sound reason for UIH being closed down and that really ticks me off.

My heart is heavy --- good thing HE makes my burden light... I just have to keep remembering that!

Easier said than done.

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