Thursday, January 06, 2011

The 100 Thing Challenge

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In the month of December things were pretty crazy in my space of the house (i.e. my bedroom). I am mostly at Tim's apartment (it is easier bc of his work schedule & I really do not have one -lol) Anyway, my room had become a dumping ground for the remnants of all the projects I was working on: jewelry orders, craft fairs, place mats, napkins, journal covers, knitting. When I went back to my place last week I was horrified! & I just looked at it all, pushed aside stuff on my bed so I could lay down & watch Gilmore Girls. :) After an episode (or two) I knew that I had to clean up. I did not want to start 2011 with a messy space, so I set to work. And while things look A LOT better now, I still have lots of work to do.

From the experience of last week I have decided to do The 100 Thing Challenge.

Tim is very minimalistic in the 'stuff' department. His weaknesses are 1) computer cords/gadgets & thrift store clothes :) His room is also bigger than mine (although I have a big closet now), so his stuff is more spread out. I have moved around a lot & mostly stuff gets left where I leave & I get more stuff wherever I move. When I moved to NJ I brought very little (I flew here after all) at that point in time I knew that I would be living with J eventually (hmmm sadness) however I found myself in a different situation & needing the things I left behind.

I still do not have a lot of belongings per say but you could not tell that by looking in my room & closet. Most of what I own is craft stuff (LOTS of craft stuff!) & clothes.

When I first moved into the house I started to decorate my room & make it a place I want to stay in & be crafty & relax. Well looking at it now it is not as relaxing as it started out to be. I have made some things, bought some things from Etsy - to make my room more enjoyable to create in. (it looks like for now my room will be a studio type thing for me, which is pretty cool)

I think it is interesting to do this because really I am not materialistic. Sure I love buying things & I often wish I had money to buy clothes from JCrew & the Gap but why go directly to those stores when really I can find them at thrift stores? & you can always find me going into a craft store buying beads & paper & yarn :)

In the blog world I have read a couple of entries about this:
Elise - one of her 2011 goals is to use up all of her washi tape
Kayla - has a goal to not buy any more craft supplies

I am going to try -lol- and join Kayla in that challenge! Of course business supplies do not count. I think my main challenge with this will be yarn & paper.

So here I go! I am so excited for this. I am excited to be get rid of the crap in my life.


Stony and Brit said...

Good for you Jenn! When Jenny moved in to our house, Stony said we needed to get rid of some stuff, but I like what I've got... so instead of getting rid of it, I put it in the top of my closet and under my bed. That should be my first clue...I don't ever reach into those places. But I'm gonna leave them there. :) All the same time, I am cheering you on!

amy lapi said...

i'm inspired :)