Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out of Town

Tim & I are NYC for a wine tasting - well actually 2 wine tastings. We left last night & stayed at a friends place. Today was interesting - it is miserable weather here & after 2 hours of tasting I was done, so I went to Starbucks & tried to stay awake. (I slept terribly last night) Overall today was pretty good.

There is a wine tasting tomorrow & I hope to do some shopping before that. We did get to a thrift store today after the wine tasting & I got 2 great J Crew sweaters!

We only brought Tims computer & I do not know how to work the photo settings so when I get back tomorrow I will upload my outfits. :)

See you then!


Campfire Chic said...

I hope you sleep better tonight :/ Maybe because you're in a strange city?

Stony and Brit said...

How exciting! I now NYC mya not be as big of a deal to you...but I can't get there in a 1 day drive... The whole idea sounds like a fairy tale to me. :) I hope you can sleep better and tomorrow is like a fairy tale!

Jenn said...

Kam - No it was because I was sleeping on a love seat! It was so terrible! Laying on Tims bed now - so much better!
Brit- Oh no NYC is a HUGE deal to me! I am always excited to visit here! We take the train - just an hour and a half! Yay!
Love You Both!