Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wardrobe Challenge/Skirt 5

*Yesterday I wore sweat pants (cute ones) all day, it was lovely :)*

These photos are not edited because I do not have my computer with me, well I do, but the power cord is at my house & I am at Tims house :)

Striped T- Forever21Store, Cardigan- Forever21Online

Look @ how cute that little pocket is!

Skirt - Thrifted, Black boots - Target (super clearance!)

(On our way to Panera - YUM! )
Hat- Dollar Tree!!!

This morning @ like 11am or so I asked Tim what we were doing for the day (he has Tues/Weds off) He said 'well I thought we would go to Panera' Those words always get me into high gear :) So we had some lunch there, went to Wal Mart (where they now sell Essie nailpolish!), went to the Nobles & then back to his house.

I made some yummy Chicken pasta tonight (last night I made some yummy nachos) :) I like cooking for him. Before dinner I went downstairs & asked him what we were doing tonight & he told me that we would go to the Salvation Army for half off day - Yay! What a fella! :)

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