Friday, January 21, 2011

City Day One-Ish

I say one-ish because we left for NYC on Monday Evening. :)

All Packed Up & On the Train - Yay! It was a bit frustrating getting ready to go bc Tim was still @ work & nothing was really set i:e - what time we were leaving, how we were getting to the train station, when would we eat dinner, etc.

Pretty Purple Nails

Glasses All Lined Up for the Tasting

Barrels of Wine!
(this place was so pretty! I enjoyed being there)

However, after 2 hours of tasting, I was done :) So I just walked a block to the Starbucks to read & enjoy a mocha. I was sooo tired though, I just sat there & stared blankly out the window, haha. ALSO not how the barista spelled my name with 2 N's (the correct way!) I was so excited! The Italian guy @ the pizza place did the same thing too, Yay! :)

Tim & I met up with Neil @ Genesis - it is this nice restaurant pub. Yummy food! There was a sign posted saying that on Thursday the service would be interrupted for the filming of Blue Bloods - so neat! Also that whole block had signs on it about the filming. It would be so awesome to see a show filmed! I looked up what shows that take place in NYC that are actually filmed in NYC. I admit I was way excited about it!

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Katrina said...

Blue Bloods is one of my new favorite shows to watch. :) I'm glad that you had fun though!