Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movies of 2010

The other week, while Tim & I were waiting for our food @ Longhorn Steak House (courtesy of my mom & stepdad) we made a list of the movies we had seen in 2010.

Holy. Moly. A lot.

(not in order of release)

Sherlock Holmes - first movie of the year, it was better than I thought it would, I liked how it was more action-y :)
Alice in Wonderland - a fun movie, I love Johnny Depp a lot, Tim was not that impressed with it
*Date Night - oh.goodness. this movie had me laughing the WHOLE time. Loved it. The extras at the end were super funny too. Love the actors in it.
*How to Train Your Dragon - Wow. I had no idea that I would love the movie as much as I did. Such a sweet movie with awesome lessons in it.
A Solitary Man - Pretty good movie. The ending was clever & I still wonder about it. I am sure it hit home for a lot of people.
Inside Job - a documentary about insider trading, it was ok. Matt Damon narrated it.
Other Guys - Super Funny. Mark Wahlberg is such a great actor.
Machete - Was not sure about it when we went to see it. I am not a Jessica Alba fan but the other characters made up for it. I enjoyed how it was filmed. I like blood & guts :)
Social Network - Tim & I did not want to see this movie at all, but then we heard nothing but great reviews from everyone so we gave in & went, I enjoyed it more than he did but it did not blow me away.
Unstoppable - We just wanted to be entertained. & boy were we! It sounds typical, you know- runaway train, needs to be stopped. It was so much better than I thought it would be. Reminds me of my dad. In fact I called him right after. Then I looked up the facts about the movie, makes me like Denzel Washington less. *hmph* But I still really enjoyed it!
True Grit - Very entertaining. It is correct what everyone says, it is hard to understand Jeff Bridges, but it was funny.
The Town - Tim & I were so anxious to see this movie! We left a little underwhelmed :( There was too much hype for it. (partly my fault) But I still enjoyed it.
*The Fighter - Seriously SO darn good! Christian Bale blew me away in this movie. I have always loved Christian Bale & I left the movie in more admiration for him as an actor. So beautiful. I REALLY hope he gets at the least a nomination. Wow.
Shutter Island - I love suspense movies so this was right up my ally. I enjoyed the twists in it. Kept me on my toes.
Inception - Don't get your undies in a bunch... Yes I thought this was a good movie. Yes I need to see it again. I liked it. (Hello Joseph Gordon Levitt!) I really enjoyed it. But I did not feel the Wow when I left.
Wall Street 2 - Tim & I liked the 1st one so we went to this one. It was pretty good. Love me some Michael Douglas!
Toy Story 3 - A cute movie. As always funny. The 'lessons' the family learned was so expected & I got bored. I loved the Ken/Barbie interaction.
Iron Man 2 - Action movie? Robert Downey Jr? Yes please! I was pleasantly surprised & loved it!
*Scott Pilgrim - Awesome! Great! Loved It! Seriously go see it. It is just so cool. So is the soundtrack. Just perfect.
*Easy A - The casting in this movie is spot on! I laughed the whole time. It was perfect. Emma Stone is hilarious. Just loved it. A great movie!
Green Zone - A good movie. We rented it. I like other war movies better. But I liked the aspects of this movie.
Hot Tub Time Machine - Just as dumb as the previews made it sound. But when you are having some beers with friends & eating junk food, it is a great movie :)
The Good Guy - I love love love Alexis Bledel & I am so glad she did this movie. It is different from anything she has done & I loved her in it & I loved this movie.
Repo Men - Very interesting, futuristic sort of movie. I liked it. But that is all I remember about it. Oh, Jude Law is very attractive, haha.
Greenberg - There were maybe 3 funny parts. It is a dark movie for Ben Stiller, he did a great job but I do not want to see it again!
(the following movies I saw alone)
Black Swan - I enjoyed this movie. Super interesting, I was still thinking about it a few day after I watched it. Will watch it again.
Eclipse - What can I say? I went with some people when I was in Florida. It was cute.
Sex & the City 2 - Tim paid then he went to watch hockey with his brother. I was a little disappointed but as always the fashion was amazing. Love it!
Leap Year - So predictable, a little drawn out, Amy Adams is amazing though!
Dear John - Better than I thought it would be. I have not read the book so that is why I saw it. The soundtrack is nice.
Valentines Day - I loved this movie! The cast of characters was so great. Such a sweet wonderful movie!

I told you it was a lot! :)

The movies with the Astrix, Italicized, & Bolded are my top picks for the year.

I HAVE to say that we saw The Kings Speech after the new year (but it was released in December) The Kings Speech is one of the best movies I have ever ever ever seen. Seriously. The rest of the movie year has very high bar to live up to! (or maybe I will just not see any movies for the rest of the year! HA!)

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