Friday, January 21, 2011

City Day Two

We woke up Wednesday morning feeling a little sluggish. We did lots of walking Tuesday! & oh yah that is right the weather Tuesday was so blech. Wednesday looked a little bit brighter. Tim googled places to eat breakfast & he found this nice little dinner a couple of blocks away called 3 Deckers. It was yummy & a good price. While we were there we decided to skip the tasting that day - Yay! Went back to our friends place, lounged around, then got ready to enjoy the day. First we set off for H&M (there are none close to me in NJ) I was in & out in about 15 minutes. So disappointed in what they had there!

Then there was a minor communication error with Tim that really had me upset. So frustrating. After a talk about that, we found a cute little cafe (it is like a fancy Panera) & had lunch & dessert there. It was OH.So.Good! It is called Le Quotedien.

My yummy organic iced tea lemonade.

Delish Black Bean Soup!

Tim's Roast Beef Tartit!

My Chocolate Croissant - soooo good!

Tim's Mini Chocolate Mouse , also so good!

After that, I went to Urban Outfitters - it was my first time being in an actual store. (Once again, I have never lived near one). I liked it a lot.

Then Tim & I went to a pub for some drinks until leaving for Trenton.

Jenn- Magners , Tim- Guinness

Enjoying the Guinness

Magners on Tap - Wooo! (Tim is not good @ using my camera - haha)

2 Iced Capp Supremes for the Road!

Tim sure is excited about his Timmy H's :)

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Emme said...

I hope you loved the city as much as I do