Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey There, Hi There, Ho There

September 2010

Hello There Blog Land :)

It has been a few days, eh? I have been doing my best to stay warm. I woke up the other day & it was 1 degree! I did not feel like wearing a skirt. & then I kept putting on my jeans, wool socks, & fuzzy boots.

Today I saw that it was 35 degrees & I put on my skirt & tights & then I looked outside... 2 feet of snow! I knew I would have to climb through mountains of snow, so I changed into jeans, wool socks, & fuzzy boots. :) Which was a good thing because my boots soon filled with about a shovel full of snow!

It is so pretty out!

(I need to go home & do laundry) & (I really should work on Etsy stuff) & (Do some reading) & (some knitting too!)

Anyway... I may be going somewhere in May to help out some friends & it is pretty exciting for me but it not 'official' yet so I am not going to write about it yet.

Right now I am wishing for Florida though & these sweet people:
(January 2008 - I cannot believe that was a year ago... oh the sadness)

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