Friday, January 07, 2011

Wardrobe/Skirt Challenge

If there is one thing I cannot resist at Thrift stores it is a cute skirt for under 4 dollars! :) Because of this I have many, many, many skirts.


I am not sure if you can see them all. There are 33 skirts there! & I took out the ones that are not 'seasonal' (if you will, haha) --- you know the pastel-y flowery ones.

There might be 4 skirts total that I bought at an actual store. But you can guarantee I bought it on sale! When I was promoted at UIH my dress code was well, dressy! So I went to a few thrift stores & found all sorts of fun, dressy, pretty skirts. (I would say half of them are Ann Taylor or LOFT!) I love them all! I of course have a few favorites.

So this is my challenge.... to wear all of my skirts!
Here are my rules (they are mine because I made up this challenge)
1. I cannot repeat a skirt
2. I do not have to wear 33 skirts in 33 days (I can wear jeans or a dress in between if I want!)
3. I can buy more skirts at thrift stores
4. I will document each day I wear a skirt.

To start, this is what I wore yesterday:

LOFT skirt bought for 4$ @ Goodwill! Wahoo!

Light blue shirt - ModTees bought @ BigLots (Oh.My.Gosh - these shirts are SO soft & a super deal- packs of 2 for 10$! - yes please! I bought 4 packs (ok Tim paid for them, lol) light blue, brown, pink, navy blue, white, black (2)

Awesome brown boots from F21 website. I did not know if they would work out & they are wonderful! I went to order the black ones - they are out of my size! Boo.

So that is my challenge. I am pretty excited about this. I hope you enjoy the posts! Please leave kind words! :)

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The Girl with Pearl Earrings. said...

I love wearing skirts and dresses, they make me feel a 150% woman. I feel fantastic, feminine, sexy and gain a lot of confidence.

That skirt of your is fantastic! And I cannot resist stopping by Goodwill or other thrift stores either. :)