Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wardrobe Challenge - Skirt 8

I still have yet to figure out a good way to take pictures of myself. :) But I do not claim to be a professional. This is just a fun little thing to do on my blog. So please leave all negativity & criticism for your own blog, thank you.

After 2 days of laying around Tim's apartment (seriously, on Tuesday we just rested thinking 'oh we can go out & do things on Wednesday... however the weather had other plans & we only left the apartment 1 time each day) Anyway, I decided to put on a bit of color :)

I picked this skirt up @ the thrift store (of course!) & super duper love it! It is very versatile & it fit really well.

After Tim was off work we went out for drinks @ a hotel bar. It was pretty nice & quiet. I love when I can talk to the person sitting next to me with out having to raise my voice. I had a Bailey's & Coffee. It was pretty yummy.

The hotel has this neat bar area. Each little booth had its own tv. So I got to see some of the Australian Open. It was pretty comfortable too.

This guy who was working there reminded me & Tim of Zach Galifianakis. Do you agree?

The bartender was nice enough to take a picture of us. :)

(skirt: thrifted, boots: F21online, tank: F21store, cardigan: Old Navy)


Krystal said...

I agree about quiet bars! Always weird to figure out what to do in loud ones, haha :)

Campfire Chic said...

He really does look like him!

Jenn said...

Krystal - well usually when I go to a bar it is not to talk but to drink! The other night we were dressed up so we went to a quieter place. :)

Kam - I know!